Sunday, February 3, 2008

disorder used, thanx

midnight cowboy, john schlesinger, 1968/my own private idaho, gus van sant, 1991/boogie nights, paul thomas anderson, 1997/bully, larry clark, 2001/casino royale, john huston, 1967/summer of sam, spike lee, 1999/l'anné dernière à marienbad, alan resnais, 1961/giulietta degli spiriti, federico fellini, 1965/casino, martin scorsese, 1995/superman, richard donner, 1978/alice, woody allen, 1990/the pink panther, blake edwards, 1963/the royal tenenbaums, wes anderson, 2003/the raspberry reich, bruce la bruce, 2004/let's get lost, bruce weber, 1988/l'avventura, michelangelo antonioni, 1960 kids, larry clark, 1995/last picture show, peter bogdnovich, 1971/one from the heart, francis ford coppola, 1982/my fair lady, george cukor, 1964/metropolis, fritz lang, 1926/une femme est une femme, jean-luc godard, 1962/charade, stanley donen, 1963 jackie brown, quentin tarantino, 1996/kill bill vol.1, quentin tarantino, 2003/the barefoot countess, joseph l. mankiewicz, 1956/the chelsea girls, andy warhol, 1966 spun, jonas akerlund, 2002/manhattan, woody allen, 1979/ferris bueller's day off, john hughes, 1986/psico, alfred hitchcock, 1960/le mépris, jean-luc godard, 1963/funny face, stanley donen, 1956/punch-drunk-love, paul thomas anderson, 2002/roma, federico fellini, 1972/drugstore cowboy, gus van sant, 1989/requiem for a dream, darren aronofsky, 2000/the graduate, mike nichols, 1967/boy meets girl, léos carax, 1984/rumble fish, francis ford coppola, 1983/the virgin suicides, sofia coppola, 2001 sugar and spice, francine mcdougal, 2001/beyond the valley of the dolls, russ meyer, 1970/brazil, terry gilliam, 1985/any given sunday, oliver stone, 1999/do the right thing, spike lee, 1989/election, alexander payne, 1999/elephant, gus van sant, 2003/everybody says i love you, woody allen, 1996/8 &1/2, federico fellini, 1963/femme fatale, brian de palma, 2001/for a few dollars more, sergio leone, 1965/irreversible, gaspar noe, 2002/johns, scott silver, 1996/koyaanisqatsi, godfrey reggio, 1983/the party, blake edwards, 1968/the rules of atraction, roger avery, 2001/singin' in the rain, gene kelly, 1951/tron, steven lisberger, 1982

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